Sustaining Lean Conversions

Developing Lean Leaders.
Building Lean Cultures.


Supporting Lean Implementers and Teams

David is a Shingo Prize-winning author and consultant. He developed the practices, behaviors, and tools of the Lean Management System in over 25 years experience leading and coaching lean conversions in manufacturing and cross-functional business processes in a wide range of industries and processes.

He supports teams and individuals using Creating A Lean Culture as a resource for implementing lean management and striving to create a Lean culture.

David’s book, “Creating a Lean Culture”

Has been used worldwide by a broad range of industries to sustain, resuscitate, and/or further their lean initiatives. Filled with practical advice, case examples, and tools, the book has helped organizations in mining and energy, discrete, process, pharma, and technology manufacturing, healthcare, services, and administration to make their lean transformations an ongoing success.