Training & Workshops

Introduction to Lean

Training designed for teams about to launch a lean value stream improvement project. Covers lean principles, wastes, a batch-to-flow simulation, value stream mapping, problem solving, and future state design.

Value Stream Lean Process Improvement

A series of training, coaching, and “lifeline” services that teach internal lean teams the process, structure, tools, and skills for lean end-to-end value stream improvement projects.

Creating a Lean Culture I

A customized one to two-day hands-on workshop that teaches lean principles and the application of core tools of the lean management system: including leader standard work, visual controls, and standard accountability processes.

This workshop has proven to move participants from concept to application of lean management.

Creating a Lean Culture I is available in two formats:

  1. Using your plant or office floor as the learning laboratory, or gemba with participants making observations and learning from task-level associates and leaders; and then creating working prototypes of the three core elements of lean management.


  2. In a conference-room format with case scenarios for manufacturing, administrative, and health care processes.

Longer sessions include coverage of organizational leadership governance and accountability designs. Participants learn to gemba walk using the diagnostic questions and rating scales of the lean management system standards as well as implementation planning for putting lean management practices to work.

Creating a Lean Culture II and III

These advanced workshops cover the remaining five to six elements in the lean management system:

  1. Value stream mapping
  2. Process definition
  3. Process discipline
  4. Process improvement
  5. Root cause problem solving
  6. Visual controls for support processes (in manufacturing environments).

My goal is to help develop lean leaders. Contact me for more information.