Troubleshooting Lean Implementations

Good design, disappointing performance

When technically solid lean designs fall apart after the lean project team moves on, it is often because the lean implementation was focused on lean tools alone. Pre-lean leadership practices may not have been addressed. Most often, the solution for cases of "good design, poor performance" is to implement process-focused leadership behaviors and practices to complement and sustain the lean conversion.

Troubleshooting failing lean initiatives provide a straightforward prescription to sustain and extend the gains of lean implementations.

Troubleshooting Leader Standard Work

Making it meaningful, sustaining improvement

Like many aspects of Lean, Leader Standard Work (LSW) is readily grasped but not as readily implemented in a way that sustains and drives further improvement.

Implementing and Troubleshooting Leader Standard Work reviews three common, related problems in LSW implementations: The value proposition, Implementation Sequence and Compliance versus Improvement. I provide insight and guidance for maintaining the integrity of the improvement process, and building LSW into Lean production and Lean management designs.

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