Coaching for senior leaders, as well as lean teams can increase engagement, help sustain lean initiatives, and provide insights specific to your business or industry. Lean success depends on disciplined adherence to defined lean processes and procedures.

Coaching For Senior Leaders

Leaders at the top of the chain of command play a unique role in maintaining the discipline on which lean relies. (See the article: The Missing Link: Lean Leadership. For more, download Introduction to Executive Gemba Walks and Lean Management Gemba Worksheets)

Lean orthodoxy calls for everyone, from shop floor to senior executive, learning lean through implementing the tools of lean production. But senior executives have lean practitioners to worry about lean production. Executives, as sponsors of the initiative, are responsible for lean as a strategy, and the integrity with which their chain of command supports and implements it. Learning to assess the health of the lean management implementation is the appropriate vehicle for senior executives' lean focus, because when lean management is healthy, lean production - and the lean strategy - are healthy.

Learning to assess the tools, behaviors, and practices of lean management is straightforward. When front line lean management is weak, it flags weak or broken links somewhere in the chain of command, uniquely a responsibility of senior executives, and a threat to the lean strategy they have endorsed. Going to the front line with a coach is still important for executives, but focused on lean management, not lean production.

Coaching for senior leaders equips them to gemba walk confidently, comfortably, and competently. Teaching lean management occurs in the context of a predictable, structured front line gemba walk process specifically designed to respond the unique strategic and managerial responsibilities of senior executives.

Coaching For Lean Teams

Lean value stream improvement projects incorporate a structured approach to scoping, pre-assessment, mapping, future state design, implementation planning and execution, leadership follow up and maintenance. Coaching for Lean teams provides guidance for what needs to be accomplished in any step of the project, and what comes next.

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